100% recycle poly spun yarn 20S/4 ring rw with GRS

Apply to knitting, curtain, warp, weft, weaving, sofa, cloth, wall fabric, garden hose, toweling, cleaning cloth, outdoor tent,car fabric, mixed rope, elastic cord, USB cable, bags, embroidery thread, twisting wire, chenille, fancy yarn, carpet, roller shutters, mattress, stockings, fabric, lint, glove, woven, Mat and so on.
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According to different uses, staple fibers are mainly divided into three categories: spinning, filling and non-wovens.

Filling mainly refers to the filling of staple fiber in the form of filler, which is used as home decoration filler and clothing thermal insulation material, such as bedding, cotton padded clothes, sofa furniture, plush toys, etc. Most of these staple fibers are hollow polyester staple fibers.
Nonwovens are the extension of staple fiber applications and have developed rapidly in recent years. And nonwovens are widely used, for example, spunlaced nonwovens are mainly used in wet wipes, medical treatment and other fields, and geotextiles, leather based fabrics, linoleum based fabrics are mainly used in engineering fields.

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