Recycled ES Sanitary Fiber/Low Melting Staple Fiber/GRS Certificate/PCM/Anti-Microbial Available in All Fiber

"ES FIBER" is composed of two components having different melting points, and can be formed into a nonwoven fabric without using adhesives, only by heat treatment utilizing the difference in melting points.

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    Runteks Group
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    shanghai port
  • Specification:

    PE/PP, PE/PET, 1.5D-4D/38MM-51MM
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  • Usage:

    sanitary napkins and diapers, capret,bedclothing, bedspread, indoor decoration, wall paper, medical protective cloth and medical protect masks
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Recycled ES Sanitary Fiber/Low Melting Staple Fiber/GRS Certificate/PCM/Anti-Microbial Available in All Fiber

There are two main types of ES fibers. The first kind is a composite of PE and PP. Its sheath layer is PE (polyethylene, melting point 130), and its core layer is PP (polypropylene, melting point 165).

The second kind is a composite of PE and PET. its sheath layer is PE, and the core layer is PET(polyester, melting point 225), which is an upgrade version of PE/PP.

ES is functionally divided into the hydrophilic, water-repellent, hydrophilic, and so on. In addition, it also can be divided into whitening, general whitening, and so on.

ES fiber has various advantages such as soft, fluffy, low-temperature processing, heat-bonding, plasticity, non-toxic, non-irritating, and lightweight. It is mainly used to manufactures high-quality sanitary  products such as sanitary napkins and diapers. And it is high-quality materials used to make medical products such as medical protective cloth and medical protective masks, and so on.

Spec: PE/PP, PE/PET, 1.5D-4D/38mm-51mm; hydrophobic, multi-times hydrophilic, one-time hydrophilic; whitening, general whitening

 whitening weak hydrophilic 2.6D*38mm
 whitening weak hydrophilic 2D*38mm
 whitening multi-times hydrophilic 2D*38mm
 whitening one-time hydrophilic 2D*38mm
 whitening hydrophobic 2D*38mm
general whitening hydrophobic 2D*38mm
 whitening weak hydrophilic 1.5D*38mm
 whitening multi-times hydrophilic 1.5D*38mm
 whitening hydrophobic 1.5D*38mm
general whitening hydrophobic 1.5D*38mm

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