Hot melt yarn

Application: it mainly plays the role of thermal bonding, and is used in industries such as fly weaving vamp, sock shoes, webbing, chenille, thread connecting line, lace, Bondi weaving, webbing, wool carpet, cushion lining, automobile lining, etc

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It has low melting point, thermoplasticity and self viscosity. When heated to a certain temperature, it will soften and melt into a viscous fluid with certain fluidity, and then solidify into a solid again after cooling. The non-woven fabric or knitted or woven thermal bonded fiber products produced by mixing hot melt with conventional polyester, nylon, wool or other fibers are characterized by soft handle, high strength, washability, straightness, easy care and no environmental pollution.

Melting condition: hot or dry

Specifications: 20D/30D/40D/50D/75D/100D/150D/200D

Melting point: 

Nylon hot fuse 85℃

monofilament hot fuse 76℃

high elastic hot fuse 95℃

polyester hot fuse 110℃

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