100% Recycled/Virgin Polyester Spun Yarn 20S,30S,60S,16S/2 Ring/Siro for Curtain

100% Recycled/Virgin polyester spun yarn RING/MVS/SIRO/OE

With good quality and fast delivery time

  • Brand:

    Runteks Group
  • Product Origin:

  • Color:

    RW, BK, etc..
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai port
  • Lead Time:

    About 15-25days after fix order.
  • Order(MOQ):

  • Specification:

    10S-80S, 10/2-80/2
  • Raw material:

    100% Polyester
  • Cone Weight:

    About 2kgs/cone
  • Usage:

    Knitting, weaving and so on
  • Product Detail

Polyester Spun Yarn for Knitting and Weaving

Polyester spun yarn is produced in spinning process by combing short staple fiber. Polyester spun yarn is obtained from recycled polyester staple. It is used for knitting and weaving fabrics. 

Polyester spun yarn is usually feasible in both single and double employ for use in textile industry. It can be made as raw white and dyed colors as well. Both dope-dyed spun yarn and conventional dyed spun yarn can be used to make fabrics.


Feature: soft hand touching, cost-effective,widely usage

Application: Blanket, knitting garment, curtain, towel, scarf, etc

Production department

Proudct list

Polyester Spun Yarn Product list (Virgin and Recycled)
1 ply Ring  Virgin 10s, 12s, 16s, 21s, 26s, 32s, 40s, 45s, 48s, 50s, 60s, 80s
Ring   Close Vrigin 16s, 21s, 32s, 40s, 47s, 50s
Siro   Virgin 21s, 26s, 32s,40s, 48s, 50s
2 ply Virgin 10/2, 16/2, 21/2, 32/2, 40/2, 45/2, 50/2, 60/2, 80/2
Close Vrigin 16/2, 21/2, 32/2, 40/2, 50/2

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 DTY 150/48 1H DDB SIM SD
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