• PolyesterHigh Stretch Yarn Sep 30 , 2022
    High elastic FDY, FULLY DRAWN YARN, fully drawn yarn (Taiwan called fully stretched yarn), which is a kind of fully drawn yarn, can be obtained by introducing the stretching effect in the spinning process, and can have high degree of orientation and medium degree of crystallinity. Conventional fully drawn polyester and nylon filaments are chemical filaments. The product has good elasticity, good h...
  • what is Modified fiber Sep 23 , 2022
    Modified fiber, also known as functional fiber, refers to a series of new functional fibers derived from the improvement of certain properties of conventional chemical fiber varieties (such as moisture absorption, dyeing, anti-static, flame retardant, etc.) by chemical or physical methods. This is similar to the usual rubber modification, plastic modification, etc. The main objective of the modifi...
  • Advantages and disadvantages of synthetic fabrics Sep 14 , 2022
    Advantages and disadvantages of synthetic fabrics:  Filament, such as polyester, nylon and acrylic in synthetic fiber, has the advantages of high strength, high elasticity, repeated deformation resistance, abrasion resistance, durability, easy washing and quick drying. However, due to its smooth surface, round section and tight connection in the yarn, straight and parallel arrangement, the wo...
  • Characteristics of textured yarn Sep 06 , 2022
    Textured yarns also have the following characteristics: ① Improve the warmth retention and covering ability of the fabric. ② High dimensional stability, good shape retention and good appearance effect. ③ Improve anti pilling, anti wrinkle and anti snagging properties; Improved to some extent ④ Make knitted underwear and socks with high elongation and good recovery, which are suitable for body shap...
  • details on textures yarn Aug 29 , 2022
    Textured yarn is obtained by deforming synthetic fiber filament from straightening to crimping, also known as textured yarn or processed yarn. Textured yarn includes high elastic yarn, low elastic yarn, expanded yarn and network yarn. Several characteristics of textured yarn: ① Raw materials: thermoplastic synthetic fibers and filaments are generally used (except network filaments) ② Processing: a...
  • big tow carbon fiber Aug 24 , 2022
    What is big tow carbon fiber? Generally, the number of carbon fibers per bundle is more than 48000 (48K for short), which is called large tow carbon fiber. The advantage of large tow is that under the same production conditions, the capacity and quality performance of carbon fiber single line can be greatly improved, and the production cost can be reduced.
  • POY characteristic Aug 19 , 2022
    The fiber itself has been moderately stretched, with a certain degree of orientation and a small amount of microcrystalline particles, but it is still lower than the requirements of finished silk. This kind of silk has low strength and high elongation, and is generally not suitable for directly processing fabrics. However, it can be used to meet the weaving needs by compounding with other fibers, ...
  • What is regenerated cellulose fiber? What are its characteristics? Aug 09 , 2022
        Regenerated cellulose fiber is a textile raw material formed by dissolving natural cellulose (cotton, wood, bamboo, hemp, etc.) and then processing. Conventional products include viscose staple fiber and new product lessel fiber.                   Regenerated cellulose fiber is the chemical fiber product with the closest performance t...
  • What kind of fabric is Ay Tsao fiber Aug 04 , 2022
    Ay Tsao fiber fabric is a kind of recycled fiber fabric with Ay Tsao as raw material, which is made of Ay Tsao fiber and other fibers. It makes full use of the characteristics of high value of wormwood to spin the Ay Tsao fiber. Its appearance is simple and natural, its style is calm and soft, and its softness and comfort are strong.
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