• GOOD NEWS--Runteks Group Inditex Certificate
    GOOD NEWS--Runteks Group Inditex Certificate Jul 09, 2024
    DR Industrial CO.,LTD. - belongs to Runteks Group, which is processing on Inditex authentication, certificate will be approved very soonest!!!! Welcome new and regular customers inquiry or orders!!!!
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  • What is the aerogel yarn?
    What is the aerogel yarn? Jul 03, 2024
    Aerogels are a class of synthetic porous ultralight material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component for the gel has been replaced with a gas, without significant collapse of the gel structure, which result in a solid with extremely low density and extremely low thermal conductivity. Runteks is vigorously promoting and selling aerogel yarn to worldwide. Aerogel powder is the lightest solid in the world, with porous honeycomb structure, large specific surface area, low density, and the lowest thermal conductivity, so it has good lightweight thermal insulation and thermal storage energy. More than 90% is air, with extremely strong heat storage performance. Compared to regular fiber, its thickness is only half and its density is as low as 0.003 grams per square centimeter. The thermal insulation performance is 2.8 times that of cotton cloth, with a heat enthalpy value of 162 J/g. It can exert thermal insulation performance for a long time in extreme environments ranging from minus 196 ° C to minus 300 ° C.
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  • Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival
    Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival Jun 11, 2024
    The Dragon Boat Festival, one of the most traditional festivals in China, falls on the May 5th in the lunar calendar.  People celebrate this festival in memory of Qu Yuan, who was a Chinese poet. Besides, people in China will also hold a variety of activities to honor him, such as dragon boat racing、eating zongzi and so on. People from north prefer sweet zongzi, while people from south like savory ones with meat in it. Dragon boat racing has developed into a water sport,mainly takes place in southern China. People also hang mugwort and cglamus leaves around their doors, to bring good luck. Through a series of activities, people all over the country can feel the cultural connotation of the Dragon Boat Festival and experience the unique charm of China's traditional festivals.
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  • Four major reasons why ocean sea freight has skyrocketed!
    Four major reasons why ocean sea freight has skyrocketed! May 13, 2024
    After the May Day International Labor Day, the market went uncharacteristically. The cabin was full, it was hard to find a container, and the price increased... The magical market situation, the mysterious sea freight, and the price has exploded before the cabin space was released! In the next few weeks, it is expected that shipowners’ shipping capacity will continue to be tight and prices will continue to rise! Here, we analyze the following reasons for you 1. European routes have been significantly affected by the Red Sea crisis, with ships detouring around Africa. The capacity of African shipping lanes is unknown, but the number of ships has increased significantly this year. Longer voyages and increased transshipment ports result in more ships to operate. Long journeys and port congestion mean many containers cannot return. This is also the key to finding containers in the near future. 2. The price increase in South America is mainly due to Brazil and Mexico’s plans to impose additional tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles from July. Many automakers are rushing to ship to these areas without actual orders. According to sources, BYD has shipped more than 100,000 vehicles! Electric vehicle companies already capture the majority of transportation resources. Many shipping companies have withdrawn ships to West Africa for these large orders, resulting in a general increase in freight rates in West Africa! These EV manufacturers not only compete for shipping resources but are reportedly quickly filling up space at destination ports. 3. The U.S. election is coming soon, and there are voices saying that 50-60% future tariffs will be imposed on Chinese goods, which has led some Chinese companies to increase their investment in South America! In addition, many importers stock up in advance, making the peak season arrive earlier. This is the real reason. Shipping giants use the above reasons to actively and tacitly raise prices together! Therefore, export companies need to plan shipping schedules in advance because everyone is competing for containers. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is also unstable, and profits are already low.
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  • Preview In SEOUL 2023  / Seoul International Textile Fair
    Preview In SEOUL 2023 / Seoul International Textile Fair Aug 15, 2023
    There will be a grand textile and weaving exhibition from August 23rd to August 25th, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea, bringing a rare event to the textile industry, designers and weaving enthusiasts, as one of the largest and most influential textile and weaving exhibitions, Runteks will brings a professional design team, samples, and experts to discuss with the buyers about the latest trends and innovations in the textile and weaving field . During the exhibition, Runteks will display various textile materials and other related products. From raw materials to finished products, both natural fibers and synthetic fibers, will attract the attention of the audience with their unique textures and innovative design methods. Runteks will also show the latest textile technology and equipment, including digital textile technology and environmentally friendly textile materials, showing the latest progress in the technological and sustainable development of the textile industry. The purpose of participating in this exhibition is not only a showcase of products and technologies, but also an opportunity to promote industrial exchanges and cooperation. Exhibitors and visitors can meet face-to-face with us on site to share experiences, explore cooperation opportunities and build lasting business connections. Textile industry practitioners, designers, enthusiasts and professionals in related fields are highly recommended to attend this event. Whether you want to learn about the latest textile technology or look for innovative design inspiration, you can find the answer at this exhibition. At that time, Runteks will present you a wonderful blooming textile and weaving feast. We are located at booth number H18 and welcome you to explore the beauty and innovation in the field of textile weaving with us.
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  • Development and application of special polyvinyl chloride material——A kind of super matte anti-see-through, anti-ultraviolet sunscreen fibers and fabrics
    Development and application of special polyvinyl chloride material——A kind of super matte anti-see-through, anti-ultraviolet sunscreen fibers and fabrics Sep 12, 2023
    How to avoid embarrassment when dressing for summer? How to be both sun-protected and comfortable when moving outdoors? Translucent and UV-resistant fibers and fabrics may provide the answer. In summer, people usually choose some light, breathable clothing to withstand high temperatures, so light-colored light fabrics become the first choice. However, light-colored and especially white clothing will inevitably have clothing see-through problem, to Shaoxing Huiqun new materials as a representative of the Donghua - Hybrid Technology Industrialization Alliance (DH-HyTlers) to develop super matte anti-transparent, UV-resistant sunscreen fibers and fabrics can be very good to improve such problems. R&D Background Generally speaking, fiber morphology and type, fabric structure, dyeing performance, finishing process will affect the fabric's anti-transparency and UV resistance, and most enterprises will change the weaving method and apply coating finishing process to the fabric for anti-transparency treatment. However, the change of weaving method will affect the breathability and comfort of the fabrics, and it is difficult to increase the rate of anti-transparency, while the coating finishing process will cause the coating to fall off after washing, which will affect the anti-permeability and anti-ultraviolet performance of the fabrics. Therefore, at present, the method of adding anti-permeability and sunscreen materials in fibers is chosen to improve the above problems. Organic-inorganic hybridization of fibers for anti-permeability technology To solve the problem of fabric see-through, it is necessary to fabric wrapped fiber matting treatment, one of the methods is to add inorganic mantle dioxide particles in the fiber, and inorganic matter added to organic polyester will encounter dispersion problems, easy to cause fiber breakage, the current general technology, can be achieved by adding about 2.5wt% and shaped cross-section to achieve the full matte, ultra-lightless or ultra-matte, but it is difficult to achieve Anti-transparency of thin and light fabrics/clothing. In addition, the technical industrialization of the anti-permeability series products is an extension and expansion of the organic and inorganic hybridization technology of Huey Kwan New Materials on the basis of the organic and inorganic hybridization technology that won the second prize of the National Invention Award. At present, Huey Kwan New Materials has established alliance-type cooperative relationship with local textile fabric enterprises in Shaoxing. In the future, the company hopes to expand the application of this technology, continue the industrialization of related technical achievements, and promote and apply green, high-functional, regenerative and sustainable fiber materials and products for the benefit of the ecology and the people.
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  • International oil prices plummeted 7%! Russia plans to increase April
    International oil prices plummeted 7%! Russia plans to increase April "discounted crude oil" exports! The price of Chips is temporarily stable. Mar 30, 2022
    Trending 1. International oil prices plummeted 7% Oil prices fell about 7 percent on Monday to their lowest level in more than a week, on worries about a slump in energy demand, while hopes of progress in peace talks between Russia and Ukraine eased concerns about energy supply risks. As of the close, the May contract of WTI crude oil futures closed at $105.96/barrel, a decrease of 6.97%; the May contract of Brent crude oil futures closed at $112.48/barrel, a decrease of 6.77%. 2. OPEC+ hints at sticking to plan to increase supply moderately OPEC+ signaled that they still see no need to adjust oil supply plans even as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has left markets facing the biggest turmoil in decades. "If the market is balanced with supply and demand, and resources are in the market, we will not add more resources," Suhail Al-Mazrouei, the UAE's energy minister, told a conference in Dubai on Monday. He added that OPEC+ is not concerned about whether the reduction in Russian oil exports is causing imbalances. 3. Russia plans to boost exports of “discounted crude oil” in April It is reported that Russia plans to increase the export scale of Urals crude oil in April, which is expected to increase to the highest in nearly 3 years. Russia's confidence may lie in the fact that the current oil price continues to be high, and the Urals crude oil discount is very high. Russia's Lukoil reached a crude deal in which it sold 100,000 tons of Urals crude at a discount of $31.35 to Brent, data from U.S. agencies showed. Market overview Crude oil situation: WTI May crude oil futures settled down 6.09% at $105.96 per barrel; Brent May crude oil futures settled down 9.12% at $106.66 per barrel. Macro overview: The tight supply of goods at some ports has not yet eased, and warehouse receipts continue to flow out, but terminal expectations are not good. The high absolute price restrains the demand for polyester replenishment. Polyester has the intention to jointly reduce production. In the future, the daily supply and demand of PTA will be greatly reduced. The slump in prices drags down the cost and mentality of chemical products, the spot price of PTA will decline, and the low processing range may continue.
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  • Covid-19 increasingly serious in China
    Covid-19 increasingly serious in China Mar 24, 2022
    The Novel coronavirus outbreak, ravaged by a variety of new strains of coronavirus, shows no sign of ending,with the daily number of new infections remaining high.With the rapid development of the new wave of epidemic, Chinese many provinces are faced with the epidemic prevention and control situation dominated by the mutant omicron strain at the same time. The situation is grim and complex. Recently, there have been multiple outbreaks of COVID-19 in China, and the number of cases in Shanghai and Shenzhen, two major financial centers, has continued to rise, but the momentum has not been effectively contained. Shenzhen and Dongguan have pressed the "pause button" due to the epidemic. Buses and subways have been suspended, and all non-essential flows and activities have been suspended. Factories, enterprises and industrial parks are under closed management. Shanghai has also upgraded its control measures, asking residents to leave the city only when necessary Due to Covid-19 increasing serious, cause most of delivery time are delayed. Wish everything will resume normally soon.
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