nylon polyester composite yarn 50D for weaving knitting

As an extension product of nylon / polyester composite fiber, microfiber monofilament is 1 / 20 of ordinary fiber. After special processing and finishing, the fabric is fluffy and soft, with large specific surface area and rich capillary effect. The product has the characteristics of water absorption, air permeability, dryness and comfort, strong decontamination ability and antibacterial hygiene. Its water absorption capacity is 20 times that of ordinary cotton fabrics, and its service life is 20 times that of ordinary cotton fabrics. Suitable for household cleaning cloth, wiping cloth, bathrobe cap, clothing cloth art and other fabrics. It has strong water absorption and no fiber residue of cotton fabrics. It is also very suitable for wiping the surface of optical glass, glass products and high-end goods.
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Polyester - brocade composite yarn mainly refers to orange - petal composite yarn The orange petal part is made of polyester and the orange petal part is made of nylon. The composite mitosis can be made by mechanical cutting, heating (peeling two kinds of fibers with different thermal shrinkage) or alkali treatment (nylon will crack at high temperature) (for example, 75D / 36F * 16p table 75D consists of 36 fibers, each of which can be divided into 16 small strips, with a total of 576 filaments)

products advantage

1.Excellent Seam Coverage

2.Strong elasticty
3.Chemical Resistance
4.High Productivity
5.Excellent Seam Appearance
6.Bright Colours

7.Good durability

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