recycle PBT chips

PBT Features

1, good heat resistance, super toughness& fatigue resistance

2, nice electrical stability

3, excellent dimension stability

4, self-lubricating, low water absorption

5, electrical insulation is good

6, to keep good properties in the humid environment

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    Runteks Group
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PBT chips
100% Recycle PBT chips For PBT yarns
Low water absorption PBT Polymer Low coefficient of friction PBT Pellet Good chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance PBT Pellet Excellent electrical properties PBT Pellet Good heat-resistant,can be continue used in high temperature Various polymer alloys (PC/PBT/PET/PA6 etc)have been developed through employing compatibilization technology to blend PBT with other polymers in order to achieve the target performance.
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PA 66 semi-dull yarn Main specifications: 150D, 210D, 250D, 280D, 420D, 630D
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Ice yarn is a kind of yarn that adds natural mineral elements in the process of drawing. It is natural and harmless, and the effect of non coating is permanent. The temperature of ice cold yarn clothing is about 1-2 ° lower than that of cotton or other fiber clothing. With cross section, it can quickly absorb moisture and sweat, with remarkable effect.
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PLA Corn Fiber BIO base degradable FDY Yarn
Characteristics of PLA fiber: high strength, fast moisture permeability, good gloss, certain UV resistance, good resilience, fluffy and warm, good flame retardancy, no sensitization, low odor residue, etc.
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PA66 airbag yarn
PA66 airbag yarn.Main specifications: 315D/140f, 420D/140f, 420D/144f, 520D/140f, 630D/108f
PA66 airbag yarn.Main specifications: 315D/140f, 420D/140f, 420D/144f, 520D/140f, 630D/108f
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Modal fiber is a cellulose fiber, and the same as rayon cellulose fiber, is a pure man-made fiber
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Viscose fiber, also known as viscose fiber, is a kind of man-made fiber. Viscose fiber is the main variety of man-made fiber and the second largest chemical fiber variety in China. Its main raw materials are chemical pulp, including cotton pulp and wood pulp, which are separated from natural cellulose through chemical reaction and regenerated
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