waterproof shoes upper knitting polyester yarn

Anti-Bacteria, Sustainable, Recycled, High Tenacity, Anti-pilling,Moisture Absorbent,Waterproof
  • Brand:

    Runteks Group
  • Payment:

    LC at sight、TT
  • Product Origin:

  • Shipping Port:

    ShangHai port
  • Specification:

    50D/75D/100D/150D/300D 21S/2 32S/2 48S/2
  • Raw material:

  • Cone Weight:

  • Usage:

    Embroidery, Weaving, Knitting, Hand Knitting, Sewing
  • Product Detail

The original yarn is treated with nano waterproof agent technology after being twisted,boiled and bleached,dyed,soaped,washed in hot water,washed in cold water,fixed in color,softened,squeezed and dried,so that the yarn can achieve waterproof effect.Waterproof yarn is a type of textile yarn,waterproof,breathable.windproof and warm keeping.


                       21S/2 32S/2 48S/2


Used in handicraft,fly woven upper,knitting,sweater.underwear,elastic,fabric

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