100% Recycled Sea Island Yarn FDY 75D/24F (36 splits) supermicro fiber suede fabric imitated cashmere usage

Sea-island silk is a kind of chemical fiber. Its fiber becomes polyester. The most commonly used chemical fiber raw material is polyester PDY.

Sea-island silk belongs to filament, and its length can reach more than 10,000 meters.
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    Runteks Group
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    T/T or LC at sight
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  • Color:

    RW.DDB,other customized colors
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    Shanghai Port
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    about 20-25days after fix order
  • Order(MOQ):

    3 tons
  • Usage:

    Knitting, weaving and so on
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100% Recycled Sea Island yarn for Knitting and weaving


Sea-island superfine fiber is a polymer dispersed into another polymer, dispersed in the fiber cross section is "island" shaped, whereas the parent is equivalent to the "sea". Fabric through the de-weighting finishing to dissolve the island component, the single fiber is as high as 0.03DPF(denier per filament) of superfine fiber.


Through the design and processing of the fabric, the sea-island fiber's extremely fine fibrillation characteristics can obtain many special fabric styles, such as imitation cashmere, imitation suede, MOSS velvet, ultra-high-density fabric, etc. This type of fabric can be widely used in clothing, apparel, luggage, interior goods, and industrial fields. Many properties of the imitated suede fabric developed by using sea-island fiber are no less than natural suede, and many properties are even better than natural suede. The fabric has a soft hand feel, good drape, and a light and thin texture, which is half that of real leather. It can be woven into fabrics of different thicknesses and weights; various surface treatments can be performed to obtain various surface effects. The surface has a writing effect and a good three-dimensional feeling; it has small shrinkage and deformation in damp heat and has good air and water permeability. The fabric has high strength and is far better than natural suede. Weaving ultra-high-density fabrics, using the shrinkage properties of high-shrinkage yarns, can be woven into fabrics with greater density and higher water pressure resistance. Although this kind of fabric has a high density, it has very fine fiber, light texture, good drape, soft color, soft and graceful and warm appearance, while maintaining considerable moisture permeability and air permeability, making it very comfortable to wear.



Sea Island yarn Catalogue
Sea Island White Sea Island White
FDY 50D/24F (36 splits) DTY 50D/24F
FDY 65D/24F (36 splits) DTY 65D/24F
FDY 75D/24F (36 splits) DTY 70D/36F
Sea Island Black DTY 95D/36F
FDY 50D/24F DTY 105D/36F
Sea Island Black DTY 115D/36F
DTY 95D/36F DTY 140D/48F
DTY 105D/36F  DTY 195D/60F
DTY 150D/48F Sea Island Black+White
DTY 195D/60F DTY 130D/60F
Sea Island melange White Recycled Sea Island White
105D/36F (sea island 65D/24F + high shrinkage FDY 30D/12F) DTY 95D/36F
220D/84F (sea island 160D/84F + high shrinkage FDY 60D/36F) Recycled Sea Island Black
Sea Island melange Black DTY 95D/36F

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