Thermochromic yarn


Making ornaments,textiles,wigs,ribbons,trademarks,etc

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Lyocell Mixed Hemp
70%/30% Lyocell Mixed Hemp yarn Compact siro spinning 16S for casual clothes
Factory Direct Sale Lyocell Mixed Hempcan be customized, which is made of pure natural plant fiber fusion, has a strong ability to absorb sweat, and the fabric itself is soft and combined with hemp, which is perfect.
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recycle poly spun yarn 20S/4
Recycle poly spun yarn 20S/4 ring rw with GRS
It is mainly used in the cotton textile industry, spinning alone or blended with cotton, viscose fiber, hemp, wool vinylon, etc. the obtained yarn is mainly used for clothing weaving, and can also be used for home decoration fabrics, packaging fabrics, fillers and thermal insulation materials.
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composite yarn 50D
nylon polyester composite yarn 50D for weaving knitting
As an extension product of nylon / polyester composite fiber, microfiber monofilament is 1 / 20 of ordinary fiber. After special processing and finishing, the fabric is fluffy and soft, with large specific surface area and rich capillary effect. The product has the characteristics of water absorption, air permeability, dryness and comfort, strong decontamination ability and antibacterial hygiene. Its water absorption capacity is 20 times that of ordinary cotton fabrics, and its service life is 20 times that of ordinary cotton fabrics. Suitable for household cleaning cloth, wiping cloth, bathrobe cap, clothing cloth art and other fabrics. It has strong water absorption and no fiber residue of cotton fabrics. It is also very suitable for wiping the surface of optical glass, glass products and high-end goods.
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Recycled polyester DISCAT
100% Virgin&Recycled Polyester DISCAT with GRS DTY 100D/144F SIM for Polar fleece
Medium long streaks of polyester and cationic Soft due to high number of filaments
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High Quality Sequins yarn for Knitting
Glitter/Sequins yarn 2/24 for Scarf/Cap usage
Sequins yarn is a special kind of yarn fancy yarn is mainly used in sweaters, scarves, carpets, curtains and so on.
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Like nylon high elastic yarn
Like nylon high elastic yarn 50D/70D/100D/140D
Like nylon high elastic yarn  50D/70D/100D/140D It is a type of fabric woven from deformed fibers. The chemical fiber filament is made of a spiral ring shape after one heating deformation, with a high elastic expansion rate, commonly known as high elastic yarn.
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Modal Cotton Yarn
Strong knitting Modal Cotton Yarn at Best Price in China forT shirt
Modal fiber is a cellulose fiber, and the same as rayon cellulose fiber, is a pure man-made fiber
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T800 composite high elasticity yarn
T800 FDY 150D/48F
Application: four side elastic and various elastic interweaving product characteristics: modified high elastic silk with American DuPont functional raw materials and technology. When weaving directly without twisting, the fabric has excellent elasticity and elasticity recovery. The fabric has soft handle, UV resistance, chlorine bleaching resistance, high temperature resistance, bright colors and high wearing performance. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, durability, fatigue resistance, long time and good stability.
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HOY 150D/114F
Polyester High oriented yarn HOY 75D/36F
USE: Car, Bag, Bedding, Blanket, Dress, Garment, Home Textile
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PA66 regular high-intermingled industrial yarn
PA66 regular high-intermingled industrial yarn,Main specifications: 100D, 150D, 210D, 250D, 280D, 420D, 630D, 840D, 1050D, 1260D.
Main specifications: 100D, 150D, 210D, 250D, 280D, 420D, 630D, 840D, 1050D, 1260D. At the same time, our company relies on advanced modular production equipment to produce special PA66 industrial yarn products according to customer needs.
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Elastic composite yarn
Polyester Elastic Composite Yarn SSY/CEY/SPH for knitting and weaving Shirt
Elastic composite fiber is made of two different polyester components by compounding technology with unique dyeing and comfortable elasticity
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Colored nylon high elastic yarn
Colored nylon high elastic yarn:70D/80D/100D/140D
Colored nylon high elastic yarn:70D/80D/100D/140D A kind of fabric woven from colored nylon high elastic yarn with deformed fibers.
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100% recycle nylon ATY yarn
Recycle nylon ATY 150D/48F with GRS sd rw yarn 100% pre-consumer
Air texturing, also known as air jet texturing, refers to the processing method of using compressed air jet to treat filament to obtain bulkiness and make it have some characteristics similar to staple yarn. Its product is air texturing filament
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PA66 airbag yarn
PA66 airbag yarn.Main specifications: 315D/140f, 420D/140f, 420D/144f, 520D/140f, 630D/108f
PA66 airbag yarn.Main specifications: 315D/140f, 420D/140f, 420D/144f, 520D/140f, 630D/108f
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100% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester yarn
100% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester Textured Pet Bottle Sock Filament Yarn with GRS Certificate for Knitting Recycled DTY 300D/96F 1H for Mattress
Using recycled wasted polyester bottles to produce regenerated differential yarn,which can get 100% efficient utilization of regenerated resources. The product has got the GRS CERTIFICATE, which can effectively save energy and improve the environment. The quanlity can be comparable to original polyester yarn.
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