• Low Melt Chips
    Low Melt Chips
    Low Melting PET Chip is a specialized type of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) chip that has a lower melting point compared to standard PET chips. It is specifically engineered to exhibit reduced melting temperatures, allowing for easier processing and a wider range of applications.Used for Hot Melt Yarn Masterbatch, and extrusion Grade Polymer for Hot-melt Adhesive Glue Coating.
  • Flame Retardant Chips
    Flame Retardant Chips
    Flame retardant chip is made from purified terephthalic acid, ethylene with the phosphorus flame retardant as modifier. The flame retardant group is embedded or connected in the polyester molecular chain, forming a permanent fire-retardant polyester. Suitable for textile, plastic packaging and agriculture markets. Polyester chip Flame retardant chip by Anhui Wanwei Group is used for spinning variety of different specifications of polyester flame retardant short fiber, long fiber, has good thermal stability and spinnability.
  • PBT chips
    PBT CHIPS BRIGHT virgin and recycled with GRS certificate

    PBT elastic fiber is a high-quality core yarn material, which consists of PBT fiber core and elastic polyurethane cool fiber covering layer. This fiber material has the advantages of high elasticity and high resilience, high abrasion resistance, high strength and high flame retardancy, etc. It is widely used in the fields of textile, apparel, automobile, household and medical treatment.

    PET CHIPS Bright virgin and recycled with GRS certificate
    Polyester chips usually refer to polyester raw materials produced by polymerization, which are generally processed into flaky particles of about 4*5*2 mm. The process routes of polyester production include direct esterification (PTA) and transesterification (DMT). PTA process has the advantages of low raw material consumption and short reaction time, and has become the main process and preferred technical route of polyester since 1980s. The uses of polyester now include fibers, various containers, packaging materials, films, films, engineering plastics and other fields.
  • PBT chips
    100% Recycle PBT chips For PBT yarns
    Low water absorption PBT Polymer
    Low coefficient of friction PBT Pellet
    Good chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance PBT Pellet
    Excellent electrical properties PBT Pellet
    Good heat-resistant,can be continue used in high temperature
    Various polymer alloys (PC/PBT/PET/PA6 etc)have been developed through employing compatibilization technology to blend PBT with other polymers in order to achieve the target performance.
  • recycle PBT chips
    recycle PBT chips

    PBT Features

    1, good heat resistance, super toughness& fatigue resistance

    2, nice electrical stability

    3, excellent dimension stability

    4, self-lubricating, low water absorption

    5, electrical insulation is good

    6, to keep good properties in the humid environment

  • recycle chips
    Recycle polyester chips
    It is used to manufacture polyester staple fiber and polyester filament. It is the raw material for polyester fiber enterprises to process fibers and related products.

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