70%/30% Lyocell Mixed Hemp yarn Compact siro spinning 16S for casual clothes

Factory Direct Sale Lyocell Mixed Hempcan be customized, which is made of pure natural plant fiber fusion, has a strong ability to absorb sweat, and the fabric itself is soft and combined with hemp, which is perfect.

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    Runteks Group
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    T/T or LC at sight
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    RW.DDB,other customized colors
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    Shanghai Port
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    about 20-25days after fix order
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    3 tons
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70%/30% Lyocell Mixed Hemp yarn Compact siro spinning 16S for casual clothes


Lyocell Mixed Hemp has a strong ability to absorb sweat, Lyocell itself is soft and combined with hemp, which is perfect. Because hemp fiber is coarse and hard, in most cases, it is relatively rough and lyocell's fineness. It is more suitable for making Chinese style clothes. This is all external. What is important is his strong sweat absorption and his looseness. Both can relieve the heat in summer and relieve the stuffiness.

Features and uses:

Lyocell Mixed Hemp has the strength of hemp, the softness and comfort of cotton, the smoothness and fineness of lyocell, and it has better durability, resistance to friction, not easy to tear, not easy to wrinkle, and not easy to deform.

The luster is soft, the hand feels soft and comfortable, and it has a drape feeling. It is particularly light and elegant, and wear-resistant, without hairballs. Breathable, don’t worry about all kinds of discomforts caused by the impermeable clothes after sweating, so that every inch of skin is in close contact with nature.

Lyocell Mixed Hempyarn has exquisite workmanship and high-quality fabrics. Rich layering, driving the distribution of visual beauty, suitable for high-quality casual windbreakers, jackets, outdoor jackets, casual wear, dresses, trousers, etc., applicable to a wide range of styles and seasons, giving clothing designers more differentiation Choice can bring richer changes to the character of Lyocell series of clothing.

Dyeing effect pictures after weaving into fabric:



Advantages of runteks:

The advantage is that the cloth surface has a numb feeling, the grade is obviously improved, the cost performance is also higher, and it is not easy to be imitated. It is a good way to create differentiated characteristics.
Comfortable to wear, not easy to shrink or deform.
Soft and smooth, good air permeability.
Have a sense of wideness, not easy to wrinkle.
The fabric is light and smooth, has good air permeability, has moisture wicking function, allows the skin to breathe freely, and provides high-quality care for the body.

Product List

Product List
Series  Specifications & Models  Remarks
 Lyocell Mixed Hemp  Lyocell/Hemp 70/30 16S  Compact siro spinning
 Lyocell/Hemp 70/30 21S  Compact siro spinning
 Lyocell/Hemp 70/30 30S  Compact siro spinning

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