T800 FDY 150D/48F

Application: four side elastic and various elastic interweaving product characteristics: modified high elastic silk with American DuPont functional raw materials and technology. When weaving directly without twisting, the fabric has excellent elasticity and elasticity recovery. The fabric has soft handle, UV resistance, chlorine bleaching resistance, high temperature resistance, bright colors and high wearing performance. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, durability, fatigue resistance, long time and good stability.
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    Runteks Group
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    LC at sight、TT
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    ShangHai port
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T800 elastic fiber is a two-component fiber made of two different polyester fibers. Automatic crimping: the shrinkage rate of the two components is different. The two components form curl after being unwound from the package, so as to maintain curl in dyeing and finishing. This kind of fiber has better elastic recovery than the previous polyester fiber, avoiding the occurrence of relaxation. At the same time, this product also has good type retention and performance, excellent elastic recovery, easy care: it can be washed, anti wrinkle, and maintain pleating. Smooth appearance. Soft feel. Inherent chemical stability. Polyester compatible elastane. Washable. Good dyeing effect. Its color fastness can reach above grade 4, which is equivalent to the dyeing characteristics of general polyester. However, similar PBT and PTT can not reach the elasticity and elasticity of T800, nor can they reach the same cloth flatness. Stretch height. T800 fiber is ideal for light woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. In woven fabrics, it gives fabrics smoother texture and softer hand feel than textured yarn. Its end uses include all kinds of men's, women's and children's clothing. It gives denim a new definition: excellent appearance, elasticity and wearability. Whether you are looking for a beautiful effect after bleaching, washing or sanding, the T-800 can give you the appearance you want. Consumers will find that jeans containing T800 fiber are comfortable in the jeans they wear, and can remain the same after wearing them many times.
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