Recycled Yarn 100% Cationic Yarn with GRS CERTIFICATE CD Yarn for Non-woven Fabrics

The polyester and its chemically modified molecular level material,with a special new composit made of fiber, can deliver rich multi-color effect

  • Brand:

    Runteks Group
  • Payment:

  • Color:

    RW.DDB,other customized colors
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Port
  • Lead Time:

    about 12-17days after fix order
  • Order(MOQ):

    3 tons
  • Specification:

  • Raw material:

    Made of 100% post-consumer polyester bottle flakes
  • Cone Weight:

  • Usage:

    garment, plush toys, non-woven fabrics, carpets, curtain,bedding, socks
  • Product Detail

Recycled Yarn 100% Cationic Yarn with GRS CERTIFICATE CD Yarn for Non-woven Fabrics


1.Being used alone or in combination with other fibers,can present unique color styles,(Melange type,Dragon dance type and Sstin type)

2.Both cationic and disperse chemicals are dyeable,high color fastness and colorful performance;

3.Aperfect solution to color contamination from dye transferring effect in the process of hard fabrics' coating and bonding.


1.Weft knitting:Sportswear fabric,Leisure Wear,etc.

2.Warp knitting:Home textile,Garment materials,Swimsuits,etc.

3.Woven:Outdoor clothes,Down Jacket,etc.

Product list

DTY 30D/36F DTY 20D/24F
DTY 50D/24F DTY 30D/36F
DTY 50D/36F DTY 50D/36F
DTY 50D/48F DTY 75D/144F
DTY 75D/36F DTY 75D/36F
DTY 75D/72F DTY 75D/72F
DTY 100D/48F DTY 150D/144F
DTY 100D/72F DTY 150D/48F
DTY 100D/96F DTY 300D/96F
DTY 150D/144F DTY 450D/144F
DTY 200D/288F DTY 600D/192F
DTY 150D/140F DTY 300D/96F
DTY 40D/48F
DTY 70D/70F
DTY 95D/82F
CD BR FDY CD+SD (DISCAT)-pattern 108
FDY 50D/24F DTY 100D/144F
FDY  61D/24F DTY 150D/144F
FDY 68D/48F DTY  150D/144F
FDY 75D/48F DTY 300D/144F
FDY 75D/72F DTY 300D/96F
FDY 100D/48F DTY 300D/288F
FDY 150D/96F DTY 50D/72F
FDY 200D/96F DTY 75D/72F
FDY 300D/96F DTY 80D/144F
DTY 50D/36F DTY 100D/48F
DTY 50D/72F DTY100D/72F
DTY 75D/36F DTY 150D/144F
DTY 75D/72F DTY 150D/288F
DTY 100D/144F DTY 150D/48F
DTY DTY 300D/96F

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