A Business Trip to Vietnam-Runteks Mar 07, 2023

We will establish a long-term partnership with Vietnam! 

In recent years, with the globalization of Runteks Textile Company, a lot of countries started to visit Runteks in China. This year,the Runteks group had been invited to visit Vietnam because they want establishadeeper relationship with Runteks. Therefore, Runteks came to Vietnam to exchange each other's idea about textile technology. Under the leadership of chief executive, Shylin, 7-man crew planed to explore 3 factories in Vietnam, which are the suppliers of Nike and Uniqlo. This trip will take them probsably 10 days!
Runteks show them how to produce DTY, FDY ,ITY and so on. In the meantime, Shylin conducted the Vietnam group some details about DTY and FDY. So what is exactly DTY and FDY?
DTY (Drawn Textured Yarn) and FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn) are two types of textiles yarns. DTY is a yarn that has been processed through stretching, twisting and texturing techniques. It has high elasticity and strength, and has a certain degree of fuzziness. Due to the twisting and texturing techniques, DTY yarns have better textile properties and dyeing properties. FDY, on the other hand, is a yarn that has undergone full drawing processes. It has high tensile strength and smoothness. Because FDY yarns have been fully stretched before twisting and texturing, they have higher textile properties and dyeing properties. In summary, DTY is commonly used for fabrics that have good draping properties and elasticity, while FDY is used for fabrics that require high strength and smoothness.
Welcome to visit Runteks in XIAMEN and we will show you around!

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