Recycle poly spun yarn 20S/4 ring rw with GRS

It is mainly used in the cotton textile industry, spinning alone or blended with cotton, viscose fiber, hemp, wool vinylon, etc. the obtained yarn is mainly used for clothing weaving, and can also be used for home decoration fabrics, packaging fabrics, fillers and thermal insulation materials.
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    Runteks Group
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    LC at sight、TT
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    ShangHai port
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Polyester FDY Yarn
High Tenacity Low Shrinkage Polyester FDY Yarn 100D-6000D for banner
High tenacity yarn is available in various variations such as typical shrinkage, low shrinkage and super low shrinkage depends on the suitable end-use. The high tenacity yarn is excellently suited for use in the manufacture of industrial fabrics, especially airbag fabrics and so on...
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Polyester DTY Yarn
Cool feeling polyester DTY yarn 75D/36F
Cool feeling polyester DTY yarn 75D/36F Material 98% Polyester +2% Cool feeling masterbatch Strength >4.0cN/dtex Style Draw Textured Yarn Evenness 98% Certificate ISO9001:2000,SGS certificate; Yarn Type DTY filament Color Raw White, Customised Specification 75D/36F Twist S/Z/double(according to order) Stretch ≥18% Equipment RPR, BARMAG Other  Specification  supply 30D/12F,40D/18F,50D/24F,58D/24F,75D/36F,100D/36F,140D/48F,200D/72F, 280D/96F,400D/144F,600D/216F,1000D/360F (Special specifications can be customized). Features Quick cool down, Cool feeling(while wearing), icy feeling, fast dry, wet-absorption, sweater-absorption,breathable; Usage Knitting, Weaving (Socks, Glove, Tape, Elastic belt,Webbing straps, Underwear, Jacquard weave, Swim ware, Shirt,Sport clothes)
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Polyester High Tenacity Yarn
100% Polyester High Tenacity Yarn 40s/2 Ring Spun on Dyeing Tubes
Product Usage: 20s/2 Jeans, shoes, caps, leather products, etc. 20s/3 Jeans, shoes, handbags, leather products, etc. 20s/4 packing bags, leather products, hangbags, shoes, etc. 20s/6 packing bags, canvas 20s/9 jeans,leather products, handbags 30s/2 suits, bedcover, bedsheet, sportswear, notions, sewing craft and notions, etc. 30s/3 tents, jeans,leather products, shoes, caps, baby clothes, etc. 40s/2 suits, bedcover, bedsheet, sportswear, notions, sewing craft and notions, etc. 40s/3 heavy quilt bedcover, glove, toys, protective clothing, sewing craft and notions, shoes, etc. 50s/2 Knitting garments, blouses, suit-dress, silks, underwear, etc. 60s/2 knitting garments, suit-dress, overlocking thread, handketchief, underwear, etc. 60s/3 knitting garments, fashionable dress, suit-dress, sportswear, sewing craft and notions, etc. 80s/3 high quality shirt and national dress  
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Low melt/Hot melt yarns 30D/70D/240D for hometextile/shoes/shutter
Low melt/Hot melt yarns 30D/70D/240D for hometextile/shoes/shutter
Hot melt, also known as low melting point wire, is divided into fully melted hot fuse and core-sheath hot melt
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melange yarn
melange yarn T5 T3 T2 T1.5 T0
Usage: Ideal material for high-grade professional wear and casual wear.
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polyeater monofilament yarn
polyester monofilament semi dull bright 20D 30D raw white recycel with GRS
There are many kinds of polyester monofilaments, including flame retardant monofilaments, triangular monofilaments, flat monofilaments, high shrinkage monofilaments, hollow monofilaments, cationic monofilaments, full extinction monofilaments, ultraviolet-proof monofilaments, PET monofilaments and nylon monofilaments.
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thermal yarn
PES thermal yarn DTY yarn
Application : underwear, leggings, knee pads, socks, etc.   Specification:  DTY 75D, 150D, 225D, 300D TC6040: 21S, 32S, 40S
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DTY polyester yarn
High Stretch dty 100 polyester yarn dty polyester yarn 600d 192f 75d 36f recycled polyester
Polyester yarn is a kind of textile product commonly used by us. The product is divided into high elastic yarn and low elastic yarn, and then subdivided into heavy mesh and light mesh, skein yarn and other processes. The clothes made are comfortable, strong and wear-resistant, and are widely used in the knitting fields such as garment manufacturing and fly woven upper.
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 DTY 150/48 1H DDB SIM SD
100% Polyester Yarn Chinese manufacturer polyester textured DDB yarn DTY 150D/48F 1H SD SIM
Used for 1.Ubholstery fabric 2.Knitting 3.Embroidery flower fabric 4.Sports and leisure fabric We also can do special specifications,colors,and different intermingle products according to customer needs
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100% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester yarn
100% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester Textured Pet Bottle Sock Filament Yarn with GRS Certificate for Knitting Recycled DTY 300D/96F 1H for Mattress
Using recycled wasted polyester bottles to produce regenerated differential yarn,which can get 100% efficient utilization of regenerated resources. The product has got the GRS CERTIFICATE, which can effectively save energy and improve the environment. The quanlity can be comparable to original polyester yarn.
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polyester industrial yarn
Super high tenacity polyester industrial yarn
Main Applications: V-belt,Hoisting Cable,Conveyor Belt,Fire Hose,Hose,Tie Down,Case Belt,Net,Sewing Thread,Cordage,Geotextile,Grogrid,Canvas
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High tenacity low elongation polyester yarn
High tenacity low elongation polyester industrial yarn
Through using special construction spinneret and choosing two kinds of seawater repellent functional oil, the high abrasion, high tenacity and low elongation polyester industrial yarns for the ocean mooring ropes were spun. The spinning processes by which the amount of oil could be effectively reduced and the abrasive resistance of products could be improved were explored, and the abrasive resistance of high tenacity and low elongation polyester industrial yarns for ocean mooring ropes was evaluated by a set of wet friction tester with different load which was independently developed and designed.
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polyester industrial yarn manufacturers
General high tenacity polyester industrial yarn
The products are mainly used for tire cord, mining conveyor belt, transmission triangle belt, safety belt, hoisting belt, PV C coated fabric, fire hose, rubber hose, etc.
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recycle flame retardant poly spun yarn
FLAME RETARDANT 100% Polyester ring spun Raw white natural yarn made from Recycled ( GRS+TC certificates) Ne 30
Good flame retardant effect, not easy to ignite, self extinguishing from the fire source, and has waterproof function to achieve permanent flame retardant effect.
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